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nester close-up singing with hat on

Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Nester is a multi-talented musician and producer, renowned for his unconventional bass playing and vocal performances. With a unique ability to fuse technical prowess with a keen sense of groove, Nester has become a sought-after performer in the Mid-Atlantic region, sharing the stage with notable acts like LettuceGhost Note, and Andy Frasco & the U.N. His magnetic presence and genre-defying sound have also earned him spots on festivals such as Karnival of the Arts, Some Kind of Jam, and SHARE Festival.

Joined by long-time friend 

and collaborator Max Smith on guitar and Phil DiMercurio on drums, Nester's live show takes on a whole new dimension, with their performances becoming an unforgettable musical experience. Max is a seasoned veteran of the music scene, with years of experience playing in various bands and performing at venues both large and small, while Phil is a highly skilled drummer with a technical ability that is truly impressive. Together, this talented group of musicians creates a dynamic and powerful sound that is sure to captivate audiences and leave them wanting more. 

In 2021, Nester unleashed

his debut album, Tipsy Heavens, which showcases his eclectic musical style ranging from funky psychedelia to up-tempo electronica. His single,

"Igne Natura Renovatur Integra,"

delivers another sonic adventure showcasing Nester's 

boundary-pushing creativity. 

nester live at the 8x10 in Baltimore
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